Universe in a kiss is a journey into the stars translated through original music and aerial acts.

We hope to bring a new world to our viewers. Where music, science, art and love are transformed and experienced through sound, sight and movement. It's embodiment of what it is to be human among a universe of stars. We hope to bring this show on a world/starwide tour.


75 minutes of original songs, performed live on stage, accompanied by a full orchestral soundtrack and visually enhanced with beautiful aerial works by acclaimed circus performers.

Universe in a Kiss can be booked as a full show, or individual acts for events.


Michele Mele has released six albums of original material which have graced the playlists of over 50 stations in the U.S, as well as Canada and internationally. She has written and starred in her one-woman show Naked On The Rocks which was well received in Toronto and New York.

A luminous vocalist, composer, lyricist and pianist, Michele Mele has garnered the reputation as a masterful communicator, able to create melodies and lyrics that resonate deeply in the heart and soul of the listener. The Michele Mele Band includes some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians.

Her original music/circus show Universe In A Kiss features a full orchestral musical arrangement accompanied by aerial circus acts. Mele has written and recorded all of the music, developed the philosophy, concept and story. All the music can be performed live with a symphony orchestra, or to tracks.  Acts from "Universe in a Kiss" have been performed internationally.  All circus performers in the show are professional artists on tour around the world with Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone.

Universe In A Kiss will be featured by Astronomers without Borders for their August 2017 Arts and Culture edition for Global Astronomy Month.